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Holistic Guidance



Discovery meeting and goal setting

  • I take time to gain a clear understanding of who you are and what you want to accomplish. Develop your specific goals and objectives. Agree upon the scope of services including the cost.

Recommendations meeting

  • Together, we review your customized financial plan and assign an action plan for the year. Coming away from this meeting you should have a clear understanding of your financial position as well as how likely you are to reach your goals. I will layout a detailed action plan to adjust the areas where you are off course or potentially just inefficient. 

Ongoing Meetings and Unlimited Email/Phone Support

  • Plan to meet and track your progress at least every 6 months, or during life events, while updating your plan annually.


  • Retirement readinessAre you on track for retirement? The first step is creating your retirement goals by gaining a clear understanding of what you are trying to accomplish. Next, we need to find out where you are at. Finally, we craft a tailored plan to get you where you want to go.

  • Cash flow analysisI offer clients the tools to track and analyze spending. Whether for savings, taxes, entertainment, etc., understanding where your money goes is powerful and will help you make decisions on where it should be going.

  • Tax PlanningMy focus is to maximize the near and long-term after-tax return of your financial planning decisions; while minimizing your current tax burden.

  • Insurance & Estate PlanningI can review your existing polices & estate plan to make sure you are covered for unanticipated events.

  • Employee Benefits PlanningI can review and analyze the benefits you are offered to make sure you are taking maximum advantage of what you are offered. We will review them annually during open enrollment.

  • Major Purchase / Expense PlanningBuying a house, saving for education, or paying down debt, I can help.

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