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Simplistically Complex

Analysing the Numbers


It is generally accepted, and I believe that a portfolio’s percentage allocation towards various asset classes, such as stocks, bonds, and cash is the most important determinant of fluctuations and long-term returns. Therefore, I concentrate my efforts on total portfolio construction and the interaction of various investments to create portfolios that seek to maximize returns while minimizing risk. I construct, implement, and manage broadly diverse portfolios based on a client’s goals and tolerance for risk.


Security selection is preceded by identifying the asset classes that should comprise a portfolio. The next step is to decide what investment vehicle(s) I consider the best fit. My approach generally uses a blend of Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) and Actively Managed Mutual funds depending on the asset class. My experience and research has led me to the conclusion that some asset classes can benefit from active management, while others regularly fail to consistently outperform versus their stated benchmarks.

Market Analysis


If the asset allocation of a portfolio is the key step in the portfolio construction, then maintaining that allocation is also vital to success of the strategy. On an ongoing basis I execute a rebalancing process of frequent evaluation to monitor a portfolio’s drift from the target allocation.

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